With more than 20 years of experience in the server and storage space. Indo Tech Engineers of server and storage practice focus on providing design, development, and support and maintenance services to the ecosystem which include dedicated server hosting, server networking and backup   cloud technology with more than 20 years of experience.

In IT solutions management, we have led complex projects across the value chain with global storage and computing companies in market segments such as storage target, storage interconnect, host software, and platform engineering. Armed with this experience and deep server & storage domain knowledge, we have helped customers address both current and future trends in front- and back-office processes.

We have dedicated Centers of Excellence for accelerated delivery across VLSI design, hardware, firmware, system software/virtualization, and application development. Creating waves in server storage technology ,our engineers are working on various layers of storage software that run on business servers; on embedded storage software that runs on storage interconnect elements like switches, directors and routers; on embedded software that runs on SAN and NAS storage systems; and on storage applications and solutions that involve backup, restore, archive, retrieve and quick recovery

Through our proprietary framework — Managed Application Services (MaSCoT), which manages processes such as quality, governance, transformation, knowledge, test, project, and demand management — we significantly reduce our customers’ operational costs