Indo Tech is a Japanese firm dedicated to providing services and products to help our customers realize more utilization and productivity from their existing infrastructure.

We are specializing in building robust networks, deploying network management systems, and implementing data security solutions. We have more than 10 years of network engineering experience with the latest technologies to build fast, secure, and highly-available enterprise networks.

We have a reputation for innovative solutions, greater customer service and quality control. we understand the value of top notch networking talent.

Our engineers are the best in the business. Their exposure to many complex multi-vendor network configurations and the intense training they receive, make their troubleshooting services invaluable. Our experts help clients reduce total cost of ownership by leveraging the Global Delivery Model (brought to perfection by Infosys), onsite-offshore model, and automated processes.

We provide systems integration services that include end-to-end lifecycle activities such as network planning, network design, network implementation, and network testing and certification.