Indo Tech has been in the security and surveillance industry for over 20 years. We have a multiple years of true in the field experience and can tackle just about any security requirement or issue that comes about. We have experience at every level starting with office alarm and CCTV systems all the way to the top level systems for large corporate customers, manufacturing facilities, and Government and Law Enforcement agencies.

We specialize in many disciplines to provide a vast knowledge base for our clients to rely upon in an effort to provide the type of security services or equipment that will meet their needs. We are expert in the areas of hidden video surveillance including wireless hidden video products and techniques.

Our expertise also includes hidden video counter-surveillance techniques and practices (the ability to detect and dispose of hidden bugs including listening devices as well as video) which is a great advantage in our industry as we get to see both sides of the tracks shall we say, and we have now added complete biometric systems/solutions to our line of products and services.